Four women and a fashion statement

12th June 2016 – Loch Affric Circuit

Well it’s been a wee while since the four of us walked together. Such busy ladies I think we need a collective PA! But today we achieved the almost impossible and we got all four out. Out of their homes – and at 7am in the morning! The 6am alarm call sure felt tough for a Sunday.

“Yay! We’re on a road trip”. Four girls went to walk, went to walk a ….beautiful part of the Highlands. Glen Affric is often described as the most beautiful place in Scotland. It is easy to see why. Sited within the Highlands National Nature Reserve it boasts river, lochs, tumbling waterfalls and gorges and stunning mountainous skylines. All perfectly punctuated by a majestic mix of pine, birch and oak trees.

11.25 miles the Walk Highlands online guide said we would walk. Along good tracks, boggy sections, steam and fall crossings and all with ever changing views. We had no plans except to walk, look, chat and enjoy. We set off from the River Affric car park around 9:40 soon settling into our own pace. Two ahead, Susan and I bringing up the rear (my camera is never far from my hands so I can’t help stopping to snap).


Glen Affric has long since been a favourite of mine but enjoyed almost entirely by car until today. It really is quite stunning. Our route circumnavigated Loch Affric and was well marked by a fairly good path all the way. A couple of slightly tricky water crossings were really our only challenges along the way apart from a few “up to the ankles” bog sinks. Oh and an unexpected “woman down” in quite spectacular style.

Time to stop for lunch and a complete change of clothes and some improvisation which no doubt drew the odd double-take as one of our group (I promised not to divulge, but it wasn’t I) modelled the latest in outdoor attire – it’s amazing what you can turn a spare waterproof jacket into when your trousers are soaked from waist to ankle. We think it might take off?. Thankfully we did only pass possibly 4 or 5 individuals or groups (and a couple of pigs) along the route.


Onwards and homewards. The weather remained fine as we continued to make progress. Not sunny but mild and dry and just enough midges to remind one you are in the Highlands, but not quite enough to drive you to distraction.

And how many steps? My Fitbit says 26,664 taking me to just over 165k to date. Where next? Well, you will have to watch this space to read about the next walk..

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