Ten Things You May Encounter on a Trekker Walk

Carn Diamh CircuitHey, did I say? I am in training for the Rota Vicentina in Portugal. Ok, not the whole 450 km. But still a decent 110 km or so.  In exactly one months time I will have my bag and rucksack packed. I will have cleared Boots out of Compeed (again). I am going. And I have done hardly any walking since booking this trip. I know, I am so lazy these days.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about that. Today was declared a “walk day”. Weather check? Yes, looks fair. Well, it’s not going to rain. Not before 2 pm anyway. Honestly, the forecast said so ;). Decision made – Carn Diamh it is. Jennifer has never done it. I have done it only twice. Despite it being less than 4 miles (as the crow flies) from my doorstep.

And it turned out to be a day of surprises. Here are ten things you might see on a walk Continue reading

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Jennifer, Me and Keara Makes Three

Speyside WayMessage received…”Falling like flies. Elle called off, just me and thee”. I looked out the window and thought, strange, it’s trying blue sky here. I reported back the weather forecast and agreed on a start time.

Over my bowl of porridge, I continued to wonder what weather might resemble flies falling? And indeed I wondered what might happen to so many flies for them to resemble rain? Or snow?

And then the penny dropped. “Falling like flies”. Ahh. As in people dropping like flies. I get it now (am a numpty sometimes – I blame it on the ‘fifties’). We had begun with potentially five of us walking today. Our plan – 10 miles of the Speyside Way between Aberlour and the old Ballindalloch Station at Cragganmore. Now we were down to two…and a wee one.

The weather was set to be a cold one – with rain and potentially full-on snow due through around 1pm we would need our thermals for this one. Well, it is November and it is Scotland. Undeterred we hit the track. Continue reading

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Reflections and RICE

Glen MuickThe last couple of weeks have seen me taking more time “out”. No easy task for someone who is literally addicted to her work. By “day” I deal with clients looking to make their event extra special. Be it a wedding or a corporate client looking to make a lasting impression with their own customers. Then in my spare time I am getting all passionate and enthusiastic about women in business in my role as President of Moray Business Women. So there really is little space for me, or indeed those around me, some days. But having invited friends and family to stay for a few days, “space” was something I would need to make.  Continue reading

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Thistles and Thoughts

Why does my head insist on trying to drag me away from the moment. The fun. The beauty? I know – mindfulness! Except I just don’t know how to do it.  I thought it was about thinking about things which make you happy. Taking your mind off it. And then a book I got said it wasn’t. So I think I need help to practice it now. Last week I experienced yet another trigger. Sat in a room of people, yet despite making some progress I still walked out questioning my worth? Apart from being a handy grafter do I bring anything else to the table? Why do some appear to look past me rather than understand why inside I am sobbing. And so those thoughts are the thoughts which have continued to unsettle me. I have chewed it over and over until I can’t sleep. And when the fight goes all that is left is flight. But you can’t keep running from the pain…

Meanwhile my poor Mr S has to deal with me keep going over and over the same questions. We have had a lovely weekend, decorating, getting creative. It worked to a point. Is that mindfulness? I have no idea. But I do know that while my hand wafts that paint brush my head knows it can multi task! Damn my head! So today we decided to head to “that Loch we can see off the A9 near Dalwhinnie”. We must have travelled the A9 100 times over and always remarked how it would be lovely if you could walk out to that loch. Well guess what? It’s called Loch Ericht (Loch Eireachd) – and you can. Continue reading

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Jumping Jack Roseisle Jellyfish

9.57 miles and over 20,000 steps. Hurrah. My mojo is back.

And with it a desire to walk by the sea. Ok, so it’s not a great distance when you consider the distances I have walked. 24 miles in a day taking in the Dava Way is still my “proud moment”. But since returning from the desert the desire to walk has been a little lacking. But that’s ok isn’t it? I am just not driven to walk alone, not even with a dog in tow. I get no enjoyment from walking for walking’s sake. I need a purpose. And currently my “purpose” is a work in progress. Continue reading

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